WEF 2015 + ICAE

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André Schläfli, Katarina Popovic and Alan Tuckett - ICAE


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Katarina Popovic, André Schläfli and Maria Graciela Cuervo - ICAE


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Uwe Gartenschlaeger (DVV International), Heribert Hinzen (DVV International), Maria Graciela Cuervo, Katarina Popovic, André Schläfli, Alan Tuckett and Jose Roberto Guevara (ICAE)


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Uwe Gartenschlaeger (DVV International), André Schläfli and Alan Tuckett - ICAE


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ICAE + DVV International + ASPBAE Workshop

 ICAE ASPBAE DVV international workshop 2.jpg

 ICAE ASPBAE DVV international workshop 3.jpg

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ICAE ASPBAE DVV international workshop.jpg

















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February, 1st - 2nd, 2015 – Belgrade, Serbia

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From 1st-2nd February 2015, representatives from ICAE Regional bodies, ICAE Executive Committee, some special invitees and ICAE Staff gathered in Belgrade, Serbia to discuss about information and recommendations on the priorities of the future work of ICAE that will be taken to the ICAE World Assembly for the adoption of the 2016-2019 ICAE Strategic plan








Festival of Learning in Yogyakarta

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Alan Tuckett - ICAE President, Katarina Popovic - ICAE Secretary General, Robbie Guevara - ASPBAE President and Maria Khan - ASPBAE Secretary General in


, Indonesia. November 2014.


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 WSF, Tunisia March 26-30, 2013


EWG. Sao Paulo, Brasil 2013


Aracaju, Sergipe - Brasil. December 3, 2013


ICAE Executive Committee. Bonn, Germany 2013.


BoCAED, October 16th and 17th 2013. 
Bonn, Germany, Gustav Stresemann Institut.


CEPAL. Bogotá, Colombia 2013


 IALLA VII. Jordan, September 1-12, 2013


Women’s Major Group (WMG) on Sustainable Development on the OWG 6. NY, December 2013

Side Event, NY September 12, 2013