Our work: The Human Right to Education in the Post-2015 Development Agenda

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The 2015 will see the deadline of the eight Millennium Development Goals set after the 2000 Millennium Declaration. Likewise, the six internationally agreed education goals aim to meet the learning needs of all children, youth and adults, UNESCO’s Education for All Goals are due by 2015.
As we assess where we are regarding the development and education framework towards 2015, a new net of sustainable development goals and framework is being discussed and going to take place from 2015 onwards according to the results of the Rio+20 Conferences.

Civil society organizations have been mobilizing toward reshaping the post-2015 development and education framework by engaging in the processes to set the post Rio+20 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), MDGs, EFA goals and CONFINTEA.
Based on this complex scenario, and the proposals and recommendations of the ICAE Strategic Seminar held in Marrakesh in October 2012, ICAE is putting special emphasis on the 2015 process and is backing up and supporting all its members to build their capacities to mobilize, at national level, the common advocacy agenda.

Therefore, in the setting of the post-2015 Development and Education Agenda, it is an imperative for ICAE, to secure prioritization of education policies that guarantee the right to Adult Learning and Education (ALE).
We affirm that ALE is a State responsibility, but also we believe it is essential to involve civil society to support the demands for the right to an integral education, formal and non formal. In this sense, ICAE backs and supports its national and regional members to build their capacities to mobilize at national level a common advocacy agenda and to call for a reinforcement of our action, by unifying our networks.
At the same time, we maintain, strengthen and forge new alliances with civil society organizations working on education to share the challenges of education with other global social movements and to put forward the right to lifelong learning as a shared goal.
Thus, ICAE participates in global consultations, carries out advocacy actions and participates in key spaces at global and regional level. In addition, on a regular basis, ICAE produces advocacy materials (guides, leaflets, calls for action, etc.).


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