ICAE Strategic and Action Plan 2012 - 2014

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This three year Strategic and Action Plan builds on the successful 8th World Assembly of ICAE, the International Council for Adult Education, held in Malmö Sweden in June 2011, which addressed the theme, “Adult Learning for a World worth Living In”. It has been shaped by the agreement of ICAE’s members that the world currently faces multiple crises which have the effect of reinforcing discrimination and exclusion in different ways, in different parts of the globe.

We recognised the importance of lifelong learning and adult education in contesting such exclusion and discrimination, and the vital importance of the international space for reflection on how best to respond to the new challenges that ICAE provides.

The ICAE is the principal Civil Society Organization in partnership with UNESCO to promote the right to education for women and men of all ages in all the countries of the world.

This plan comprises four advocacy strategies to secure recognition of the key role adult learning must play if the MDGs, the EFA targets and the commitments made at CONFINTEA VI are to be achieved; to strengthen work on the role of adult learning in effective responses to a climate changing world, leading to Rio plus 20 and the UN Decade on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD); work on the role of adult learning in achieving decent work for all; and work to achieve literacy, gender and social justice for all.

A key element of our work is in securing alliances with other social movements and networks for the right to Youth and Adult Education, literacy, gender and social justice for all; and we focus, too, on the capacity building work we undertake for our members. We also focus on the different strengths of different teaching and learning methods and strategies.

Given the scale of the continuing under-representation of women and girls and discrimination against them in education and training we continue to have a major focus on gender justice across all the arenas of ICAE’s work, and have in addition embarked on work to focus on the educational dimensions of migration, and more widely to identify best practices in anti-discrimination of all sorts.

Finally, a major part of our work is in maintaining effective communication with our members.